More than 12 years of experience in providing high-quality software development solutions


When you outsource your project to Intersog Ukraine, you get a customized team of top quality software engineers working as a team in one of our fully-equipped offices in Ukraine’s major tech hubs, Kyiv and Odesa.

You can increase or decrease the size of your team depending on your business needs.


Your software development team will also be fully supported by our HR specialists, office managers, and system administrators who will ensure the complete support of the projectwith all the necessary hardware and software.

All our engineers work in comfortable workstations, while all offices have kitchens and lounge areas.

Team Management

Our account manager will be consistently available throughout the course of the project while you engage with developers who are effectively following project management best practices.

Furthermore, our own Agile consultant will guide your team toward maximum efficiency using the most effective software development methodology.


Whether you’re a one-man startup looking for a single ASP.NET programmer or a multinational corporation in needof a large development team, we will effectively build and support your project.

Build Your Agile Team in Ukraine

Build Your Agile Team in Ukraine

Hire Ukrainian developers

Hire Ukrainian developers

Key benefits working with us include:

  • 2x / 3x faster time to hire (we are able to hire, set up and bring your dedicated development team up to speed in less than 2 months);
  • Significant savings (our rates start as low as $50 / hour for a mid-level developer);
  • White label solution development (i.e. you hold the Intellectual Property (IP) and copyright);
  • Retain up to 100% of your project management control;
  • Scale your nearshore / offshore operations up and down depending on market and project changes (you can dismiss the entire team with just a 14-days notice);
  • Take advantage of our professional value-added services to add merit to your software solution (e.g. app elevation, gamification, and APIs).
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