Facts about Ukraine

  • Ukraine ranks #1 in Central & Eastern Europe by IT outsourcing market value
  • Ukraine ranks #1 in Central & Eastern Europe and #4 globally by the number of IT professionals
  • Ukraine’s software development exports industry is assessed at $2.5 billion (est. 2015) showing double digit growth year after year
  • Ukraine’s IT exports to the United States account for 45% of total market volume followed by the EU and Israel
  • IT engineering workforce - around 100,000, expected to double to 200,000 by 2020
  • 1,000+ IT service providers
  • 100+ multinational R&D Centers (e.g., Samsung, Oracle, Cisco, Google, Rakuten) from a variety of industries including telecom, healthcare, e-commerce and gaming
  • Global companies normally get a footprint in Ukrainian IT by entering the market directly, through M&As, joint R&Ds and outsourcing / outstaffing service providers
  • Top 3 IT centers are Kyiv, Dnipro and Lviv
  • Over 40% of IT specialists have upper-intermediate and advanced English levels
Ukrainian IT market is consolidated and features 8 regional IT clusters including:
  • Kyiv: 65+ small and mid-sized IT companies, 1,000+ software engineers
  • Kharkiv: 20+ IT companies, 5 local tech universities
  • Odessa: 18 IT companies including Intersog, 3,000+ IT professionals
  • Lviv: 35+ IT companies, 6,500+ IT professionals